Who we are

Raaqim plans to spread its scope of services in all forms of digital communication; from Blogging and Webcontent Writing to Graphic Design; from Social Media Management to Search Engine Optimization service and from Resume writing to LinkedIn Profiling.

Raaqim is here to create a new world where communication is expression and expression is communication. Raaqim projects itself as the solution provider to communication concerns at individual and organizational level.

Raaqim offers services to promote professional efforts with a personal approach. Digital Assets Management services will assist the businesses pitch up, while the Career Support Management services will increase chances of a better promising future.

Quote of the Month
There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
Essential Elements
  1. Write to express.

  2. Fit in other’s shoes

  3. Efficient in communication.

  4. Customer’s consideration.

  5. Time Management.

Career Training and Counselling

As much as we are eager to provide you the premium quality in every service on offer, we are also enthusiastic to train and counsel other personnel. We believe that learning and training is a continuous process, irrespective of age. We offer Career Training and Career Counseling services to you to help decide the best…


Web Content Writing

Content is the soul of websites. We can prepare engaging and SEO friendly content for your websites. Seemingly informative, our content will also serve as marketing and promotional tool for your business. From the basic Sitemap Development to Website Content Development we will be with you every step of the way. Sitemap Development Website Content…


Translation Services

With our translation services, you will never find it hard to communicate with your existing and potential customers. We enjoy the services of proficient bilingual translator well versed in Urdu and English languages.

  • English to Urdu
  • Urdu to English

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Social Media Management

Social Media is the king and we are the king-makers. We will help you reach out to the immense audience around the world via various channels of social networking sites. As admin to your pages, we will provide engaging and varied content and run frequent campaigns to attract traffic your social media platforms. Social Media…


Career Portfolio Management

Getting an opportunity to get interview with an employer largely depends on how effectively your skills and experience is presented in your portfolio. We can provide a refined Resume and an impressive LinkedIn profile that is sure to get you noticed amongst the employers. CV/Resume Writing Cover Letter Thanks you Letter Job Inquiry Letter Personal…


Blogging/Article Writing

Serve your personal and business promotional needs. We are open to write guest blogs and promotional and informational articles for your business. We cater to various forms and platforms where we offer promotional blogging and online and offline Article Writing. Blogging Guest Blogging Promotional Blogging Article Writing (online) Article Writing (offline)   Get your Article/Blog…


Business/Corporate Writing

Communication is the cornerstone in corporate processes. Lack of communication can topple all the business processes and that is where we step in to help you out with all types of business correspondence. From Company Profile and Brochure Development to Testimonial and Promotional Content Development, we provide all the business writing solutions. Company Profile Writing…