Who we are

Raaqim Solutions is a next generation digital marketing agency that provides services to a global clientele. We focus on providing top notch quality, unique, fresh and plagiarism free writing services. Our hands on experience in digital content and digital asset management tasks for providing academic and research solutions ensures that we increase your level of satisfaction, career and reputation that best meets your content needs and objectives.
We at Raaqim Solutions are adept in developing high quality writing material & research work along with innovative solution for your assignments and professional requirements. Our team comprises of dynamic individuals who bring expertise and experience in diverse content development activities. RS offers its services for assistance in Academic Research and Writing, Blogging and Article Writing, Business and Corporate Writing, Resume and LinkedIn Profile Management, Social Media Management, Translation Services, Web Content Writing.

We also offer Training and Development services in the above mentioned fields.
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Why choose us

Raaqim intends to provide the best writing solutions to its prestigious clients. Raaqim has developed and specialized in efficient product development and effective service delivery.

  • Team of Specialists
  • Diversified Scope
  • Quality over Quantity
  • inventive Experimentation
  • Delivery prior to Deadline


Our Origin and Philosophy

Raaqim is a Persian word for Scribe. The word is often used to describe creative people who imagine great things into existence.We at Raaqim produce stunning visuals and compelling text to support the digital marketing campaigns of our clients. True to our name, we are storytellers and artists who produce unique content for every client. We believe that it is very much possible to engage the attention of a visitor in the initial few seconds. The right words and graphics do have their compulsion. This theme is central to all the work that we undertake.

Our Values


Mission is what we aspire to be as organization and socio-economical unit. How we do it is reflected in our values (read more)

  • Communicate to Express

We believe communication – in writing or design – is always effective and efficient if it is meant to express truly what is meant to be said.

  • Empathy

We believe that communicating effectively is not possible without putting ourselves in other person’s shoes. Our communication process is initiated from empathy.

  • Customer Satisfaction

This our ultimate objective of producing digital content in any form – from text to graphic, and from individual to business promotion

  • Learning and Development

We work with the objective of more learning with every task delivered. Hence, we are in constant phase of developing ourselves.

  • Reasearch

We keep ourselves up-to-date with every changing trends and standards of the domain in which we deploy our resources.

  • Do-Win Attitude

We are positive that nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. Every task – no matter how hardcore it is – is handled with professionalism. Failure is acceptable, because we derive learning from our failures.

  • Fair Business Practices

We will enjoy our win only when it is earned in ethical ways.


Our Logo

Our logo is not just our company symbol, it is signifies our existence. The hand holding a pen itself indicates a process of writing. The angle of hand indicates that it’s a “writing on the wall”, which points toward general message open to all! The silhouette of this figure resembles the alphabet “R”, which is for Raaqim

Our Mission

To be premium digital content provider enhancing effective online/digital communication – from personal to mass communication – on various platforms utilizing best available resources