Our Origin & Philosophy

Raaqim is a Persian word for Scribe. The word is often used to describe creative people who imagine great things into existence.

Our Logo

Our logo is not just our company symbol, it is signifies our existence. The hand holding a pen itself indicates a process of writing.



Our Values

Mission  is what  we aspire to be as organization and socio-economical unit. So how we do it is always reflected in our values.

Our Mission

To be premium digital content provider enhancing effective online/digital communication – from personal to mass communication


We at Raaqim produce stunning visuals and compelling text to support the digital marketing campaigns of our clients. True to our name, we are storytellers and artists who produce unique content for every client.
We believe that it is very much possible to engage the attention of a visitor in the initial few seconds.The right words and graphics do have their compulsion.This theme is central to all the work that we undertake.


Web Content Writing - 10 years
Graphic Support - 7 years
Website Development - 7 years
Social Media Management - 7 years
Resume Writing - 10 years


Serve your personal and business promotional needs. We are open to write guest blogs and promotional and informational articles for your business. We cater to various forms and platforms where we offer promotional blogging and online and offline Article Writing.

Communication is the cornerstone in corporate processes. Lack of communication can topple all the business processes and that is where we step in to help you out with all types of business correspondence. From Company Profile and Brochure Development to Testimonial and Promotional Content Development, we provide all the business writing solutions.

Getting an opportunity to get interview with an employer largely depends on how effectively your skills and experience is presented in your portfolio. We can provide a refined Resume and an impressive LinkedIn profile that is sure to get you noticed amongst the employers.


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